Agata & Seth – Castaways Wedding

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Agata & Seth

Agata and Seth have incredible chemistry, which was immediately apparent when we met for a coffee earlier in the year. They chose to hold their wedding ceremony at The Community of Saint Luke Church in Auckland, and what a stunning venue it was.

Earlier in the day, Agata and Seth incorporated some traditional cultural elements, with a Chinese tea ceremony with their families. They managed to have some time to freshen up before the rest of the wedding guests arrived for the ceremony. There were quite a few emotional moments throughout the ceremony. Right after they were pronounced husband and wife, Agata and Seth danced their way back up the aisle all while their friends and families cheered on – I think they got some high-five’s along the way too!

For the wedding reception, we headed off to Castaways Resort which was just a stone’s throw from Waiuku. Besides the amazing view at the venue, guests were also treated to some highly entertaining games during the reception! For one of the games, Seth had to pick out Agata’s hands out of a number of choices presented to him – all while being blindfolded and having a whole room of people staring at him. I’m going to keep the result of the game a secret, but what I can say is everyone had a hard time keeping themselves from laughing throughout the game!

Hats off to everyone involved for making it such an incredible day. Here’s a look at some of the photos!

auckland bride looking at the mirror
auckland bridesmaid getting ready
bridesmaid doing make-up
mother of the groom smiling
baby at home
auckland bride getting ready
bridesmaids tying up bridal dress
bride getting into wedding dress
groomsmen discussing
groomsman looking at the groom
groom and the boys
groomsmen getting ready
groom and his brother
groom button hole
the community of saint luke church
the community of saint luke wedding venue
bride arrive at auckland church
father of the groom
traditional chinese tea ceremony
chinese wedding tea ceremony
groom serving tea during ceremony
mother of the bride
bride serving tea during ceremony
community of saint luke wedding ceremony
mother of the groom mingling with guests
groom talking to the groomsmen
mother of the bride in the church
parents of the groom
groomsmen looking at the camera
auckland wedding guests at the church
groom and the pastor
groom smiling before ceremony
family of the groom smiling
groom reaction
auckland bride walking down the aisle
father walking bride down the aisle
groom at the altar
auckland church wedding
auckland wedding music
auckland wedding guests smiling
auckland pastor
bride and groom ring exchange
lifting the bridal veil
bride and groom having a laugh
pronounced husband and wife
auckland bride and groom recessional
auckland church wedding ceremony
wedding guests mingling
auckland wedding guests
guests chatting with the groom
wedding guests congratulating the groom
bridal portrait saint luke church
auckland wedding guests smiling
wedding guests having fun
children at the wedding
auckland bride chatting with wedding guests
auckland church wedding shoot
castaways resort wedding venue
bride and groom announced into reception
wedding emcee
wedding guests at castaways
auckland wedding guests mingling
groom talking to the emcee
wedding guests having a laugh
castaways sunset wedding shoot
sunset wedding photo at castaways
couple shoot at castaways resort
castaways resort couple photo
sunset wedding photos at castaways
couple photos at castaways
castaways wedding photo golden hour
sunset shoot at castaways resort
bride and groom reaction
auckland bride crying
parents of the bride speech
wedding guests clapping
groom blindfold
auckland wedding games
wedding guests laughing
groom playing wedding hand game
wedding guests having fun
wedding guests reaction

Ceremony venue – The Community of Saint Luke

Reception venue – Castaways Resort