Alexander & Vera – Karekare Beach Wedding

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Alexander & Vera

Alexander and Vera wanted beach wedding photos in Auckland, and after scouting most of the west coast beaches they decided on Karekare beach. The first thing you notice when you meet Alexander and Vera, is that they are very much in love. Not only that, the couple is extremely fun-loving, cheerful and easy-going. The two decided to fly all the way from Russia to get married in the stunning West Coast of Auckland, while standing on the expansive black sand beach and surrounded by rugged land formations and the Tasman Sea.

The pair were truly in their own world, not bounded by logistics or deadlines or formalities (besides having to sign the papers!). They were there solely to enjoy the company of each other, soaking in the process of officially becoming husband and wife. Besides the beautiful couple, the ‘team’ was made up of the celebrant, two witnesses and myself. After parking our car close by, we made our way to the exact spot that was handpicked by the two. Honestly the view was spectacular, it’s one thing to have a stroll on the beach, but being pronounced husband and wife on one of the best beaches in the world is something else!

(Yes I did my research, Karekare beach was voted the second best beach in the world!)