Andrea & Arny – Castaways Resort Wedding

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Andrea & Arny

Andrea and Arny had an amazing wedding at Castaways on the west coast of Auckland, just a few minutes from Waiuku. They did a perfect job of blending two cultures on their wedding day, most noticeably with the reception area decked out with elaborate Mexican paper decorations and both of them dressed in traditional Indian outfits!

In the morning Arny and his mother could be seen busy setting up the ceremony site, and it was super worth it! Straight after that we had the opportunity to get some photos around the venue. Later in the evening after both Andrea and Arny were in their traditional outfits, we had a little walk outside and got some more photos with the sunset.

It was incredible seeing their two families come together celebrating their big day, not to mention the energy that was present on the dance floor at the end of the night!

Thanks for having us photograph your special day guys, here’s a preview of photos with many more to come.

castaways resort wedding ceremony venue
mother of the bride
mother and child
bride and traditional dress
bride doing make up
mother of the bride
sewing wedding dress
groom preparing ceremony site at castaways
castaways wedding ceremony preparation
mother of the groom
mexican traditional wedding
castaways mexican wedding
castaways traditional wedding decorations
bride getting make up done
guest and the bride
mother of the groom walking
wedding guests talking
groom and mother walking down the aisle
wedding guests reacting to the bride
bride walking down the aisle
groom seeing the bride for the first time
groom reacting to the bride
groom smiling at bride
mother of bride at the ceremony
castaways resort wedding ceremony
mother of the groom at ceremony
girl at the wedding
bride listening to groom vows
bride family crying
girl playing at the wedding ceremony
putting on bride flowers
wedding recessional at castaways resort
bride and groom officially married
guest congratulating the bride
guest and the bride
guest hugging the bride
congratulations to the groom
wedding guests at castaways
mother hugging bride
mother and the bride
wedding guest and her daughter
castaways wedding photo
bride and groom wedding shoot
castaways wedding shoot
bride and groom at the dunes
castaways wedding shoot at the beach
waiuku wedding photos
veil wedding shot
castaways beach dreamy
bride and groom on karioitahi beach
bride and groom strolling alone the beach
couple photos at castaways resort
indian henna design wedding
bride and groom announced at reception
wedding guests cheering
guests at the wedding reception
little boy at the wedding
wedding guests having a good time
wedding guests at the reception
wedding guests chatting
guests mingling at the reception
castaways sunset shoot
castaways golden hour wedding photo
bride and groom in traditional indian outfits
mother of the bride speech
mother of groom speech
guests enjoying themselves
guests listening to wedding speech
guests laughing
wedding guests at castaways
wedding speech
bride and groom wedding speech
wedding guests taking a selfie
guests having a good time
guess talking to the groom
groom and guests
couple first dance
couple first dance at castaways
bride and groom on the dance floor
mother and groom dance
bride and groom asking guests to join in
wedding guest on the dance floor
wedding guests having a great time on the dance floor
guests having fun at the wedding
mother and son
mother and the bride dancing
girls dancing at the wedding

Venue – Castaways Resort

Celebrant – Aurora Ward


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