Aniza & Garth – Auckland Backyard Wedding

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Aniza & Garth

Getting married in your own backyard is such a cool idea not only because the venue means a lot to the family, but in the case of Aniza and Garth, it also means you are getting married with some of the most beautiful backdrops around Auckland! Even though it was a chilly day, everyone had a great time celebrating and witnessing Aniza and Garth’s big day.

We walked around the property for some photos before heading back to the reception where family and friends were enjoying each other’s company (and of course all the lovely food!).

Have a look below to see how their big day unfolded!

wedding venue set up
setting up wedding venue
bride getting make up done
wedding make up
bride make up
girl at the wedding
bride reading note from groom
bride having a laugh
bride selfie
friend of bride
friends of bride getting ready
mother of bride
make up artist
sister of the bride
bride and her mother
bride and her wedding dress
bride getting ready
groom getting ready wedding
groom prep
groom getting ready
groom tying shoe laces
groom hugging
groom before the wedding
groom buttonhole
auckland backyard wedding venue
wedding ceremony venue
wedding guests laughing
bride walking down the aisle
bride and father walking down the aisle
groom looking at bride
groom and father of bride
bride and groom listening to celebrant
celebrant at the wedding
little girl at wedding
bride looking at the groom
wedding guests and their baby
brother of the bride
child at the wedding
mother of the bride speech
bride and groom listening to mother speech
wellsford ceremony venue
wedding celebrant
wedding guests listening
bride smiling
mother of the bride tears
bride and mother hug
wedding guest crying
parents of the bride
bride and groom sand
bride and groom pouring sand
bride at the ceremony
bride and groom hugging
bride and groom recessional
friend congratulating the bride
brother hugging the bride
brother of the bride and the groom
wedding guest hugging bride
friend of bride smiling
father of the bride
grandma hugging the bride
wedding guest and the bride
guest congratulating the groom
guests smiling at the wedding
auckland backyard wedding photo
couple backyard photo
bridal portrait
wellsford wedding photo
bride and groom portrait
bride and groom walking
bride and groom embrace
bride and groom close up photo
groom kissing the bride
couple photos during winter
winter wedding photo
bride looking at the camera
bride and groom having some fun
winter wedding couple photo
bride and groom in a forest
couple photo during winter
bride and groom laughing
groom holding bride's dress
wedding guests in blankets
wedding guest popping champagne
champagne at the wedding
mother of bride chatting
wedding guests talking
sister of the bride toasting
mother of bride toasting
friend of the groom
wedding couple toasting

Celebrant – Rebekah Sulman

If you enjoyed looking through this little preview, do leave a comment down below! I’m sure Aniza and Garth would love to hear from you too 🙂