Brad & Clare – Sorrento In The Park Wedding

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Brad & Clare

Brad and Clare were married at Sorrento In The Park right in the heart of central Auckland. They are both fans of basketball and earlier in the day, Clare and her sister even got in a couple of quick shots before getting changed into her dress! What a way to start the day!

It was a very emotional ceremony with heartfelt vows being exchanged. After spending some time with family and friends, we headed out for some photos before Brad and Clare returned to a very warm welcome at the reception.

The day ended with most of the guests showing their moves on the dance floor and it couldn’t have been a better way to cap off such a special day.

Huge congratulations guys and couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of your wedding!

groom and the boys getting ready
groom getting ready in the morning
groom and groomsman smiling
groom getting ready
groom and groomsmen
groom putting on buttonhole
bridesmaids reflection
bride putting make up
bride getting ready on wedding day
sister of the bride
bride and her bridesmaids
bride having a moment with her sister
bride putting on veil
bride and her bridesmaids having fun
sorrento in the park wedding venue
bride arriving at wedding venue
bride at sorrento venue
groom waiting for the bride
wedding guests at sorrento
wedding guests at the ceremony
parents of the bride
wedding guests mingling
auckland sorrento wedding venue
groom seeing bride for the first time
bride walking down the aisle
groom meeting father of bride
groom smiling at the bride
bride and groom at sorrento
auckland wedding ceremony
bride looking at the groom
bride and groom smiling away
auckland sorrento in the park wedding
wedding ceremony at sorrento in the park
bride laughing at the wedding ceremony
parents of the bride and groom
wedding guests listening to wedding vows
bride tearing up at the wedding ceremony
wedding recessional auckland venue
mother of the bride embracing her
hugging the groom
groomsmen mingling with wedding guests
wedding guest hugging the bride
wedding celebration at auckland sorrento venue
wedding party photo cornwall park
bride and groom walking cornwall park
auckland forest wedding photo shoot
cornwall park wedding shoot
cornwall park wedding
bride and groom arrive at reception
wedding guests clapping and cheering
wedding guests chatting
bride and groom listening to parent speech
mother of the bride speech
wedding guests listening to speeches
guests at sorrento
groom speech
bride and guest smiling
wedding guests having a good time
cornwall park wedding shoot
bride and groom strolling in cornwall park
sorrento in the park wedding shoot
cornwall park auckland wedding shoot
auckland wedding at sorrento
auckland wedding first dance
sorrento in the park first dance
wedding guests on the dance floor
dancing at the wedding
wedding reception party
wedding guests having a great time
wedding guests dancing
bride dancing having fun

Celebrant – Hayley Greer

Wedding venue – Sorrento In The Park


If you enjoyed looking through the photos, do leave a comment down below. Brad and Clare will be thrilled to hear from you too!