Charlotte & Brad – Cassels Wedding

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Charlotte & Brad

One of the first things I did at the girls’ was to photograph the wedding dress, and my jaw dropped a little when I caught a glimpse of the dress. It was beyond GORGEOUS. My next thought was how perfect the elegant dress fits the theme of the wedding venue.

Charlotte and Brad got married at Cassels in West Auckland, and not only does it have a classic European charm to it, it’s also pretty close to the beach! After the ceremony we made our way to Bethells beach and the entire wedding party were total troopers – the boys lugged a huge case filled with food and drinks and the girls helped Charlotte with her beautiful dress, all the while walking on hot sand under the scorching Sun!

Towards the end of the night, the dance floor was never empty and the guests even got to have fun with some sparkler action. Thanks for having me at the wedding guys, here’s a little preview of how the special day unfolded!

bride getting ready
wedding flower petals
bride looking at mirror
wedding dress
bride getting hair done
mother of bride laughing
wedding arch
bride smiling at camera
sister of the bride
bride hair spray
bride and her mother
bride hugging her mother
sister of the bride
bride and the bridesmaids
bride alone in the room
groom getting ready
groom and his father
groom putting on bow tie
groom looking at mirror
groom putting on boutonniere
groom and groomsman
groom and the boys
groom solo portrait
groom sitting on tree
groom reading letter from the bride
wedding rings
wedding rings
wedding guests laughing
wedding guest smiling
mother of the bride
groom and the guests
groom and guests looking
groom talking to guests
groom and the emcee
bride and her father
bride walking down the aisle
bride and father
bride laughing at the ceremony
cassels wedding ceremony
bride and groom at the ceremony
groom holding bride's hands
groom looking at bride
bride looking towards the guests
bride smiling at ceremony
groom and mother of the bride
mother of the groom
cassels wedding ceremony recessional
wedding guest congratulations
guest at the wedding
guest hugging groom
guest hugging the bride
bride and guest smiling
groom and guest smiling
female guest at the wedding
guest chatting with the bride
guest embracing the groom
bride smiling
bride having a good time
bridesmaids preparing bride's dress
bride walking on the beach
groom pouring champagne
bride and bridesmaids
bride at bethells beach
bridal party at bethells beach
bride and groom at bethells beach
bride and groom walking on dunes
bride and groom embrace
bride and groom moment
cassels wedding reception venue
sister of the bride
father of bride speech
best man speech
father of groom speech
wedding guests toast
bridesmaid speech
groom and his cousin
guest crying
groom speech
bride speech
wedding guest smiling
wedding cake cutting
guest smiling at wedding reception
sister of the bride
bridal party talking
groom smiling
bride having a good time
guests at wedding
bridesmaids talking
guest talking to bridesmaids
wedding guests photo
bride and groom first dance
cassels first dance
cassels reception venue
groom and mother dance
bride and father dance
wedding guests playing with sparklers
bridal bouquet toss
cassels wedding photo
cassels wedding venue

If you’ve enjoyed the previews do leave a comment for Charlotte and Brad, I’m sure they would love to hear from you too!