Chloe & Ben – The Wharf Wedding

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Chloe & Ben

Chloe and Ben got married on a beautiful day at The Wharf, a gorgeous waterfront venue in Auckland. During the ceremony, the exchanging of vows was incredibly touching, and this was evident just by looking at how the guests reacted.

After family and friends had a chance to congratulate the newlyweds, we headed off to the Domain for some bridal party and couple photos. It isn’t unusual to receive some attention when out photographing a group of good looking people dressed in gowns and suits, but due to the Chinese Lantern Festival being held at the Auckland Domain, there were people EVERYWHERE! Every few steps we took you’d hear people congratulating Chloe and Ben, which made the day extra special for them. Thankfully I had already made plans C, D and E just in case our main photo locations got taken up by huge crowds, so photos went ahead without a hitch! Credit goes to the couple for not being fazed by the huge waves of people, and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience too.

Keep scrolling to see how their story unfolded 🙂

wedding rings
father of the groom
son of the groom
groomsmen getting ready
groom getting ready
groom putting on tie
wedding guest
groom getting ready
page boy
father of the groom looking
boy having fun
groomsmen having fun
mother of the groom
groom looking at the camera
groom portrait
maid of honour
bride getting ready
bride getting hair done
bridesmaids getting ready
bride laughing
bride and the girls having fun
bridesmaid writing speech
bridesmaids smiling
father of the groom arrive
maid of honour and baby
bridesmaid getting ready
bride popping champagne
mirror reflection of bridesmaid
bride dressing flower girl
bride kiss flower girl
bride dressing page boy
page boy suit up
bride smiling
flower girl looking up
bride getting ready
bride looking at dress
bride putting on dress
bride smiling at the girls
bridesmaid looking at bride
guests at wedding ceremony
guest smiling at ceremony
groom waiting for bride
bride walking down the aisle
bride hugging her father
the wharf wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony
flower girl and page boy
parents of the bride
parents of the groom
guests smiling
groom looking at the bride
bride and groom exchange rings
wedding guests clapping
bride reading her vows
wedding guest touched
wedding guests tearing up
bridesmaids laughing
bride looking at the groom
bride and groom first kiss
bride wiping groom tears
wedding recessional the wharf
maid of honour congratulate
guests congratulate
mother of the groom and bride
mother of the bride
mother and groom
bride father and groom
wedding guests hug bride
wedding guests
wedding guests hugging
guests at the wharf
bridesmaids laughing
wedding guest talking to bride
relative talking to bride
maid of honour
bride and groom in limo
bridal party pop champagne
wedding champagne
groom toasting everyone
bride and groom photo
auckland domain bridal party photo
bride and the girls
chinese lantern festival wedding
couple walking in auckland domain
winter gardens wedding photo
bride and groom auckland domain
auckland domain wedding photos
domain winter gardens wedding photo
bride looking at groom
bride and groom walking
groom walking with bride
bride and yellow flowers
bride and groom forest photo
auckland domain wedding
auckland domain wedding photo
auckland domain couple photo
auckland harbour bridge
the wharf bride arrival
bridal party
the wharf reception venue
father of the bride speech
guests at reception
wedding guests smiling
wedding guests laughing
the wharf wedding photo
the wharf couple photo
the wharf sunset photo
bridal party clapping
emcee clapping
groom hugging best man
bride clapping
the wharf wedding venue
guests laughing
guests smiling
wedding guests
bride and groom first dance the wharf
father daughter dance
guests dancing
wedding dance floor
ladies dancing
the wharf dance floor
guests having fun
groom and daughter dance
groom dancing
wedding guests partying
the wharf party
guests having a good time
the wharf couple
the wharf wedding photo
the wharf bride and groom
the wharf night photo

Venue – The Wharf

If you’ve enjoyed the preview gallery, do leave a comment down below! I’m sure Chloe and Ben would love to hear from you too 🙂