Chris & Kalindhi – Mudbrick Vineyard Wedding

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Chris & Kalindhi

Chris and Kalindhi were a treat to photograph back when we did their engagement session, and I was super excited to be there documenting their wedding day a few weeks after. They were married at the stunning Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island, just a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland.

Earlier in the day, I caught up with the boys for the ferry ride and upon reaching the island, made my way to Kalindhi’s as the girls were getting ready. Chris and Kalindhi then did a ‘first look’ at the beautiful lodge and had a few moments to themselves before the guests arrived at the property. Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple was asked to light a traditional Sri Lankan oil lamp before walking up the aisle as husband and wife.

During the reception as the Sun was quickly moving towards the horizon, we managed to sneak in a few photos before returning to the restaurant to party the night away. Waiheke is simply gorgeous and it was such a huge pleasure photographing their big day. Thank you for having me guys! Here’s a preview of the day!

groomsmen ferry to waiheke
father of the groom
groom and the boys having fun at waiheke
grooms party waiheke
groom and the boys walking
groom on waiheke island
groom and family
bridesmaids looking at the bride
bride mirror reflection
bride getting ready waiheke island
family of the bride chatting
bridesmaids chatting
family of the bride
bride getting her hair done
bridesmaids reading a book
waiheke wedding bride make up
bridesmaids smiling
bridal party on waiheke island
relative of the bride smiling
bridesmaids admiring bridal dress
bride putting on traditional wedding dress
bridal portrait waiheke wedding
groom waiting for the bride
bride walking up to the groom
couple first look on waiheke
groom seeing bride for the first time
bride and groom private moment
bride hugging the groom
bridesmaids looking from afar
wedding guests having a chat
wedding guests talking
family of the bride chatting
mother of the groom chatting
wedding guests arriving at mudbrick lodge
wedding guests at mudbrick lodge
wedding guests having a good time
guests talking at the wedding
family of the bride getting ready
groom at the ceremony
bride walking down the aisle mudbrick lodge
groom looking at the bride
father of the bride hugging
little boy at the wedding ceremony
mudbrick lodge wedding ceremony
bridesmaids at the wedding ceremony
bride smiling at the groom
groom tearing up at the bride
little girl at the wedding ceremony
parents of the groom enjoying the ceremony
brother of the groom having a good time
sri lankan traditional wedding
sri lankan wedding traditions
mudbrick vineyard waiheke wedding recessional
weddings guests at mudbrick vineyard
waiheke island wedding guests
guests congratulating the bride
wedding guests and the bride
wedding guests black and white photo
family picture waiheke island
wedding guest talking to the bridesmaids
wedding guests talking to the groom
wedding guests enjoying a chat
bride talking to guests
the groom chatting
wedding guest and the groom
mudbrick vineyard bridal part photo
bridal party at mudbrick vineyard
wedding party having fun at mudbrick vineyard
mudbrick vineyard sunset couple photo
couple photos at mudbrick vineyard
bride and groom kissing at mudbrick
waiheke mudbrick vineyard wedding
bride and groom at waiheke mudbrick
waiheke mudbrick vineyard sunset
mudbrick vineyard sunset wedding photo
waiheke mudbrick vineyard sunset shoot
mudbrick lodge wedding photo
wedding reception venue mudbrick restaurant
bride and groom arrive at reception
wedding guests cheering
wedding guests listening to speeches
emcee speech
father of the groom laughing
wedding guests smiling
mother of the groom laughing
father of the bride laughing
waiheke sunset wedding shoot
mudbrick restaurant sunset photos
bride and groom chatting with guests
wedding guests at the reception
wedding guests laughing at reception
bridesmaids giving wedding speech
guests chatting with the groom
wedding guests and the bride
cake cutting at mudbrick
wedding guests having a great time
couple first dance mudbrick wedding
first dance at mudbrick wedding
bride on the dance floor
auckland wedding first dance
groom on the dance floor
bridesmaid on the dance floor
bride having fun
partying on the dance floor
mudbrick vineyard dance floor
wedding chair game
wedding shoe game
bride playing wedding games
mother and son dance
father and daughter dance
family on the dance floor

Venue – Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant


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