Danielle & Doug – Jamieson Park Waikato Wedding

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Danielle & Doug

When Danielle and Doug told me they work with horses, I couldn’t stop grinning to myself (maybe they picked that up too?). All the wonderful photo opportunities just started floating around in my mind. Then their wedding day arrived, and it didn’t disappoint. Not to mention the rain actually waited for their ceremony to end before breaking through

daughter of the groom getting ready
bride getting ready hairspray
bride putting on the wedding dress
groom waiting for the bride
daughter of the groom
groom embracing his daughter
father of the bride walking down aisle
groom reacts to bride walking down the aisle
guest crying at the wedding ceremony
parents of the bride cry wedding ceremony
horse at wedding ceremony
barn wedding photos
guest reaction wedding ceremony
groom cries at barn wedding ceremony
bride reaction barn wedding ceremony
bride cries at barn wedding ceremony
bridesmaid reaction barn wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss barn wedding
groom embraces daughter
bride and groom walking together barn wedding