David & Amy – Castaways Wedding

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David & Amy

David and Amy had their wedding at Castaways, a stunning clifftop venue near Waiuku. Before he got to see his bride for the first time on the day, David and the boys had to go through a series of games and challenges set up by the bridesmaids! The boys did well striking poses in wigs and interesting garments, passing seaweed to each other with only their lips and getting their legs waxed. This was followed by a traditional tea ceremony where the bride and groom paid respect and showed their gratitude towards their family.

The ceremony was beautiful and emotional, with a mix of laughs and tears. At the reception, we were also treated to great speeches with lots of humour sprinkled in! One of the groomsmen even shared photos from David’s past and that drew a great reaction from the guests :p

It was an amazing day and thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful celebration!

Here’s a look at how the day unfolded (with a signature west coast sunset!).

groom and groomsman
groom getting ready
groom and the boys
groom and the groomsmen
wedding ring
castaways wedding venue
chinese wedding sign
bride and the bridesmaids
bride talking
maid of honour laughing
chinese wedding goodies
bride in traditional dress
mother of the bride
grandmother of the bride
wedding guest arriving
guest arriving
wedding guest laughing
guest smiling
grandmother smiling
mother of bride
mother of bride talking
wedding guest talking
groom arriving
bridesmaids discussing
sister of the bride
groom entering the room
groomsmen discussing strategy
groom and the boys posing
groom and groomsmen posing
bridesmaids smiling
groom listening to instructions
groomsmen playing games
bridesmaid laughing hard
groom receives bride
family congratulating the groom
bride smiling at the camera
girl holding tea set
traditional tea ceremony
chinese tea ceremony
father of the bride
bride and groom laughing
grandmother tea ceremony
grandfather of the bride
grandmother having a good time
chinese tea ceremony to elders
bride putting on jewellery
brother of the bride
mother of the groom
bride serving tea to parents
father of the groom
chinese wedding tea set
brother of the bride
brother of the bride tea ceremony
bride and groom walking
bride in her dress
bride and the girls
bride portrait
groom waiting for bride
bride walking down the aisle
groom looking at bride
bride and groom holding hands
wedding ceremony
castaways wedding ceremony venue
bridesmaids looking on
bride crying during ceremony
groom looking during ceremony
bride and groom signing
groom pointing at ring
bride and groom holding onto balloons
castaways wedding balloon release
bride and groom recessional
castaways bridal party photo
bridesmaids having a laugh
bride talking to the girls
groom and the boys having fun
castaways wedding photo
castaways couple photos
bride and groom laughing
groom kissing the bride
bride and groom walking away
castaways bridal party photo
castaways wedding photo
bride and groom looking at drone
castaways beach wedding photo
bride and groom embracing
castaway bride and groom photo
castaways couple photos
castaways wedding reception
wedding guest smiling
bride and groom enter reception
guests welcoming bride and groom
father of the bride speech
parents of the bride smiling
parents of the bride speech
father of the bride laughing
bridal party laughing
groom laughing at speech
sisters of the bride speech
wedding guest smiling
chinese wedding toast
wedding guests toast
castaways waiuku wedding photo
castaways waiuku sunset wedding photo
castaways sunset photo
guests chatting with the bride
castaways reception venue
father of the groom laughing
wedding guests laughing
bride and groom first dance
couple first dance
couple wedding first dance
groom on the dance floor
wedding dance floor
wedding guests dancing
wedding guests having a good time

Venue – Castaways Resort

Do leave a comment below if you’ve enjoyed the gallery, I’m sure David and Amy would be more than happy to hear from you too!