Don & Nora – Lake Tekapo Wedding

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It was a sunny afternoon.. blue skies peppered with little puffy clouds. I had met Don and Nora a day prior to their big day, and couldn’t feel more comfortable due to their easy-going personalities.

We had a brief little ceremony and toast under a pretty archway by the lake, and were off taking photos in the mesmerizing surrounds. One of the highlights of the day must have been the awesome boat ride from the township to a nearby island, on which you could see a coniferous tree in pretty much every direction you turned :p


This just feels so much like a dream wedding.. kissing under an archway, beside one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.



Remember? Coniferous trees in every direction!





Don and Nora are such spontaneous people, which is a good thing as it helps to keep me on my toes!


bride-tekapo-smileThe day couldn’t have been more perfect.. great couple, great location, great weather 🙂

Thank you Don and Nora for making me a part of your big day!