Enjoy the little things

I am quite a fan of zombie movies, not so much for the gory scenes but I love to see how human beings respond to a zombie-apocalypse level threat. So yesterday I decided to re-watch Zombieland (for the 9000th time!) and when the end credits came up, a little thought occurred to me. Rule #32 – Enjoy.the.little.things.

This led me to think, what would happen if such a huge apocalypse takes place? What would go through my mind? Would I sleep well? Am I going to be wary of every single human being I meet? I guess we’ll never know unless we are put in that exact situation, but for now it’s safe to say, enjoying the little things is a great way to keep us sane amongst the chaos.

My life is simple, I have simple needs and relatively simple wants. This probably means that I adhere to rule #32 for the large part of my life. I used to return home from a long day at work, and simply staring up at the night sky (seeing the stars, or star twinkling) puts a smile on my face. Literally. If someone decides to walk past me then and take a peek at my facial expression, they might presume me to be nuts. But these ‘little things’ help to keep my mind in check, to remind me that there are things to enjoy and accomplish outside of a small part of my life that is work.

So here’s me wishing that everyone of you can begin to enjoy the little things in your lives if you haven’t already. Oh and if you haven’t had an opportunity to catch the movie, do it. And grab some popcorn.


Despite the magnificent Piha beach surrounding us, we decided to spend some time giggling over this shower because it made us feel ticklish. Enjoying the little things with Eva