How did I end up 8,525 kilometres from home??

If I were to condense my life prior to stepping foot in New Zealand into a few sentences, it would resemble something like this. Born and raised in Singapore.. served mandatory National Service when I was 18 years old.. entered university after two and a half years in the Army.. majored in Mechanical Engineering.. graduated with a degree.. found a desk job as an Engineer.. felt empty and lost despite the generous remuneration and benefits provided by the company.. took a short trip to Melbourne, Australia.. enjoyed the trip so much that I really really really wanted to live (or at least work) overseas.. made a decision that caused my peers to scratch their heads and look at me all weird.. left so many things that felt significant (comfort of my own home, financial security, friends, food that I grew up loving, and more..) behind and flew 8,525 kilometres away from home..

Wow that must have been a bother to read, if you stayed with me thus far you definitely deserve a reward.. hmm and I reward you with a picture, and… more reading!

Lake Tekapo

So back then the ignorant version of myself constantly linked NZ to lord of the rings, kiwi fruit and the colour green. I have always had the impression that NZ enjoys a similar climate to Australia, with friendly and approachable locals, yet without the hustle and bustle of a fast paced urban lifestyle. I decided to do a quick scout of the country with the few months that I had, and determine if this is to be my place of settlement. I WAS SO GLAD I PICKED NZ (well technically NZ was the only country that allowed Singaporeans to apply for working holidays, but I did make the final choice to purchase air tickets!).

Friendly locals, check.

Temperate climate with low humidity levels, check.

Affordable car ownership, check.

Fish & chips that actually had more fish than batter, super check.

Magnificent landscapes that are photogenic regardless of the season, super duper check.

I do miss home, I do miss my friends, and I definitely miss the delicacies back home.. but at this very moment, I firmly believe that I am meant to stay here..

Till next time 🙂