Flora & Steven – Settlers Country Manor Wedding

Settlers Country Manor Wedding | Chinese Traditional Wedding | Auckland Wedding Photographer

Flora & Steven

Flora and Steven had their wedding at Settlers Country Manor in Auckland, it’s a very charming venue with beautiful and vintage interiors. Earlier in the day, the girls prepared a series of games and challenges for Steven and the boys before he could see her for the first time on the wedding day. The boys did well and after quite some effort (including drinking dubious-looking liquids!), Steven went on to have a moment with Flora before heading off for the venue.

Having changed into a different outfit for the ceremony, we did a little ‘first reveal’ at the venue before welcoming guests into the ceremony site. After the ceremony, the wedding party set off for Muriwai beach for more photos and before daylight completely disappeared, we made our way back to the reception.

It was a gorgeous reception at Settlers and besides wonderful speeches by the parents of the bride and groom, we were also treated to a number of song and dance performances through out the night.

Thank you Flora and Steven for having us document your big day!

groom getting ready in the morning
groom putting on tie
groom and groomsman preparing
groom tie close up
groom and the boys
groom solo getting ready
bride getting ready in the morning
bride getting hair done
bridesmaid robes
bridesmaids preparing games
bridesmaids discussing in a room
girls chatting
chinese wedding gate crash games
bridesmaids having a chat
bride doing make up
bride make up
chinese traditional wedding gate crash
groom listening to the girls
wedding party talking
groom and the boys
groom playing chinese gate crash games
bride face time
groom and the boys discussing tactics
bridesmaids chinese wedding
bride reacting the groom
bride watching groom and the boys
groom entering brides room
bride and groom first look
groom carrying bride out of the room
bride and mother
bride and mother hug
bride and groom leaving house
bride and groom first reveal
bride seeing groom first time
bride and groom embrace
settlers country manor wedding
settlers manor wedding photo
settlers country manor couple shoot
bride hugging guest
wedding guests smiling
little girls at wedding
little boy at wedding
wedding wishing well
traditional chinese tea ceremony
mother of the bride
father of the groom
chinese wedding tea ceremony
bride and groom tea ceremony
wedding guests waiting for bride arrival
wedding guests chatting
wedding guests talking
wedding guest smiling at each other
guests at a wedding
groom and the boys at the ceremony
wedding guests seated
guests at the wedding ceremony
people chatting at the wedding ceremony
groom waiting for the bride at settlers manor
flower girl and page boy walking
bride walking down the aisle
flower girl and page boy
settlers country manor wedding venue
parents of the bride and groom
bride looking at the groom
releasing doves at the wedding ceremony
wedding doves
settlers country manor wedding recession
bride and groom car
wedding party at muriwai
bridal party talking at muriwai
groomsmen at muriwai
bridal photo at muriwai beach
bride and groom walking
bride and groom at the beach
wedding photo muriwai
muriwai wedding photo
muriwai beach wedding photo
couple shoot at muriwai beach
bridal portrait at muriwai
bride and groom share a moment
bride in groom's arms
muriwai sunset photo
wedding guests at reception
wedding guests chatting
wedding guests reaction
bride and groom arrive at reception
wedding master of ceremony
father of the groom at the reception
mother of the groom speech
bridesmaids at the head table
bride listening to speech
mother of the bride speech
bride listening to mothers speech
groom speech
piano player at wedding
wedding guests laughing
singer at wedding
wedding performances
chinese wedding toasts
wedding toasts
groom and bride laughing
wedding guests having a good time
groom talking to guests
wedding shoe game
shoe game at settlers country manor
bride shoe game
groom shoe game
bride bouquet toss
bouquet toss at settlers country manor
couple first dance
chinese couple first dance
couple first dance at settlers country manor
guests on the dance floor
dancing at the wedding
wedding guests laughing and partying

Venue – Settlers Country Manor

Celebrant – Glenys Lindsay

Videography – Jetmo Project


If you’ve enjoyed the photos, feel free to leave a comment down below! I’m sure Flora and Steven would love to hear from you too.