How comfortable are you with yourself?

We are getting to the end of 2015. Smart phones are getting bigger with each release, there are apps for pretty much every conceivable purpose, and human interaction seems to be losing out to interactions with touch screens. These led me to think, how comfortable are people with themselves?


Pardon the image quality, it was taken with my smart phone’s camera (which is quite awesome if you ask me :p). I took the picture a few days ago for honestly no reason besides thinking to myself it might come in handy in the near future, which it totally did. I went to the movies alone, wasn’t my first time granted, but this time the theatre had barely anyone.

Even though having someone there to watch it with would have been great, but going solo wasn’t half bad either. I could immerse myself into the story much better, and had all the popcorn to myself (always a good thing, ALWAYS :p) Just wondering, who else out there is a fan of doing things solo – having meals, strolling, going to the movies or even shooting hoops?

Waiting patiently,


P.S. the movie was awesome, about some youngsters running away from an evil corporation therefore ending up in a huge desolate wasteland encountering infected people that resembled zombies and eventually discovering a friendly camp 🙂