I recently fell in love with…


two lenses :p Yep I had the chance to play around with two gloriously bokeh-licious lenses (35mm and 50mm Art) and I got to say they really do deserve their somewhat hefty price tags. The Sigma Art series of lenses has long been touted as one of the sharpest ones out there, and definitely popular among wedding photographers. I did a comparison between the Sigma and their counterparts from other brands, and wow did they impress.

Sharpness from the center to the edges of the images is top-notch and colour-fringing is almost non-existent! Seems like I might have a new-found favourite lens! I can imagine having the 35mm Art lens on my 5D the entire time when I do go for a trip overseas, and not really missing the other more versatile lenses that I have. Yes that is how much I love that lens.

Right so before I start swooning for another lens, I will be hanging a picture of the 35mm Art in my room, in an elegant looking picture frame. I love you, lens.

For those who were expecting images to compare with, I’m sorry to disappoint as this wasn’t what I had in mind for this post. Good news is those information can easily be found everywhere else on the net. Or just head to your nearest camera store and give them a whirl, and tell me if you’re tempted :p

Keep experimenting,