Joanna & Dylan – Orakei Bay Wedding

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Joanna & Dylan

Joanna and Dylan were married at the stunning Orakei Bay, which is just minutes away from the Auckland CBD. It was a beautiful day and after the ceremony, we headed out to Bastion Point for our wedding party photos. To our surprise we pretty much had the entire location to ourselves!

During the wedding reception, many heart-felt speeches were shared and almost everyone jumped onto the dance floor to end the day.

Here are some photos from their big day!

bride getting ready
bride doing make-up
auckland bride and make-up artist
auckland wedding bride prep
bride looking at her dress
bridesmaids and the bride
mother of the bride
auckland bridal party photo
father of the bride
bridesmaid and father
family of the bride in auckland
orakei bay wedding venue
groom mingling with wedding guests
wedding guests at orakei bay wedding
wedding guests at orakei bay
wedding guests chatting before the ceremony
bride arrival at Orakei Bay
groom talking to the celebrant
groom waiting for the bride
bride walking down the aisle
groom reacting to bride walking down the aisle
father giving bride away
bride looking at the groom
wedding guests at the ceremony
father of the groom
parents of the bride
parents of the groom
orakei bay wedding ceremony
bride and groom at the ceremony
groom looking at the bride
groom putting on wedding ring
auckland wedding recessional
guest talking to the bride
guest congratulating the bride
wedding guests and the groom
guests chatting with the bride
wedding guests mingling
wedding guests having a good time
family chatting with the bride
bride hugging wedding guests
auckland bastion point bridal party photo
bastion point wedding
auckland bridal party photo
bastion point wedding shoot
michael joseph savage memorial wedding
auckland wedding couple kissing
auckland sunset wedding shoot
auckland bastion point wedding photo
bastion point wedding photo
auckland couple shoot
auckland orakei bay wedding photo
auckland sunset couple shoot
couple shoot in auckland
wedding guests cheering
orakei bay wedding guests
auckland bride and groom arrive at reception
wedding guests at reception
bridesmaids speech
wedding guests enjoying themselves
father of the groom talking
bride and groom talking
wedding guests chatting at reception
groomsmen having fun at the wedding
groom listening to speech
bride listening to speech
mother of the groom cheers
groom speech at the wedding reception
bridal party having fun at the wedding reception
bride and groom first dance orakei bay
auckland orakei bay couple first dance
wedding guests on the dance floor
wedding guests dancing
wedding party time

Venue – Orakei Bay