Jocelyn & Anthony – Redwoods Treehouse Wedding

Redwoods Treehouse Wedding | Wedding Photographer Auckland

Jocelyn & Anthony

Jocelyn and Anthony had their wedding at the stunning Redwoods Treehouse in Auckland, on a beautiful sunny day. They also shared their special day with an intimate group of family and friends. When I first arrived at the venue a few days prior to scout out some cool spots for photos, I couldn’t believe what I saw as not only did the treehouse look amazing, I’ve actually driven past the area a number of times and never once did I spot this gem of a venue!

For her wedding ‘bouquet’, instead of flowers Jocelyn opted to hold an adorable flower bear for the wedding ceremony – talk about being creative!

After sunset was when the venue truly became magical. The pod and boardwalk lit up at night and the place gave off a huge fairy-tale vibe.

Thank you Jocelyn and Anthony for sharing such wonderful day with me, here are some photos from the day and there will be more to come!

auckland city wedding
groom getting ready
mother of the groom
groom mirror reflection
groom putting on suit
groom adjusting tie
groom putting on shoes
father of the room
bride doing hair
auckland sky tower wedding
bride prep in the morning
bride make up
bridal portraits
bride alone photo
bride arriving at venue
bride and father
bride walking down the aisle
groom looking at the bride
redwoods treehouse wedding ceremony
bride at the ceremony
father of the groom at the ceremony
bride and groom vows
wedding guests
bride putting on wedding ring
wedding guests cheer
parents of the groom clapping
wedding recessional
wedding flower petal toss
sister of the bride
wedding guests having fun
wedding guests chatting
bride and groom alone
wedding photo in auckland
wedding photo by the water
groom and bride walking
bride and groom sunset photo
couple walking on wedding day
auckland wedding shoot
redwoods treehouse wedding photo
couple photoshoot
wedding photo sillhouette auckland
groom carrying the bride
bride and groom open road
redwoods treehouse wedding venue
bride and groom arrive at reception
bride and groom looking
guests cheering at reception
bride and groom enter wedding reception
redwoods treehouse wedding venue
redwoods treehouse
wedding guests smiling
bride and father
family of the groom
father of the groom speech
groom enjoying the speech
guests enjoying speech
groom black and white
auckland sunset photo
auckland redwoods treehouse sunset
couple walking in redwoods treehouse
bride looking at groom
couple portraits in auckland
auckland wedding reception
guests having fun
redwoods treehouse at night
night time redwoods treehouse in auckland

Wedding venue – Redwoods Treehouse