Joyce & Alex – Markovina Vineyard Estate Wedding

Markovina Vineyard Estate Wedding | Chinese Traditional Wedding | Auckland Wedding Photographer

Joyce & Alex

Joyce and Alex were married at Markovina Vineyard Estate, an incredibly beautiful wedding venue in Auckland. Not only does the venue provide great options for the ceremony in both dry and wet weather, there are also a ton of options on-site when it comes to photography locations.

In the morning we started our day at the bride’s place as she got ready for the day. There was also a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for the bride’s family, before we made our way to Alex’s place to continue with the tea ceremony for his side of the family. We decided to get some wedding party photos done on our way to the ceremony, so that Joyce and Alex would have more time to mingle with friends and family after the ceremony, definitely a great idea!

We scored a great sunset too, and made sure we got some awesome photos before heading back to the reception. The guests were treated to a number of emotional (and very entertaining!) speeches by friends and family members. Towards the end of the day and much to Joyce’s surprise, Alex actually came up with a secret performance and it was done perfectly with the help of some of the boys!

What a special day to be a part of, thank you guys for having us and here’s a preview with more to follow!

bride getting ready
bride putting on make up
bride looking at her dress
bridesmaid doing make up
bride writing her vows
bride writing vows
family of the bride
relative of the bride laughing
maid of honor laughing
bridesmaid putting on earrings for bride
groom writing his vows
groom getting ready before the wedding
groom and the best man getting ready
traditional chinese wedding tea ceremony
chinese tea ceremony
brother of the bride
relatives of the bride laughing
traditional chinese wedding games
groom laughing
bride and groom first look
bride in traditional chinese wedding dress
auckland chinese wedding tea ceremony
auckland traditional chinese tea ceremony
uncle of the bride drinking tea
bridesmaid serving tea to elders
bride serving tea to elder
bride smiling in the morning
bride receiving red packets on wedding day
relative smiling at the bride
family member smiling
best man putting on flowers for groom
auckland chinese wedding bride visiting groom family
groom family cheering
bride and groom serving tea to elder
auckland wedding party photo
cornwall park wedding photo
wedding party having fun in cornwall park
auckland sunset wedding photo
auckland chinese wedding photo
bride and groom cornwall park photo
bride putting on veil before the ceremony
wedding guests waiting for bride arrival
guest with a baby at the wedding
wedding guests smiling
maid of honour walking down the aisle
groom smiling waiting for the bride to arrive
bride walking down the aisle with father
groom reaction to bride at the ceremony
master of ceremony
bride and groom listening to the emcee
bride and groom reaction
bride smiling at the wedding ceremony
groom saying his vows at the wedding ceremony
markovina vineyard estate wedding ceremony
auckland wedding bride and groom recessional
wedding guests laughing
auckland wedding guest smiling
baby at the wedding
wedding guests having a drink
bride and groom mingling with the guests
wedding guests talking
wedding party having fun at markovina vineyard estate
auckland sunset wedding photo
markovina vineyard sunset wedding photo
markovina wedding photo during sunset
markovina vineyard wedding photo
bride and groom photo at markovina vineyard
bride and groom announced into wedding reception
father of the bride speech at wedding
bride reaction to father's speech
father of the groom laughing during speech
wedding guests laughing during speech
guests having a good time at the wedding
bridesmaid listening to wedding speech
bride crying at her wedding in auckland markovina
family of the bride at the wedding
bride and groom speech at markovina
wedding guests laughing during speeches
wedding guests cheering during the reception
bride emotional during groom speech
guests smiling at the wedding reception
groom and grooms party performance
groom performance at markovina vineyard wedding
relative of the groom happy
sister of the bride dancing at the wedding
wedding guests at the reception
wedding guests enjoying themselves at markovina wedding
bride mingling at markovina wedding
auckland wedding couple first dance
couple first dance at auckland wedding
markovina vineyard couple first dance

If you’ve enjoyed the gallery do leave a comment down below! We’re sure Joyce and Alex will be thrilled to hear from you 🙂

Ceremony & reception venue – Markovina Vineyard Estate

Videography – Matt Randall Productions