Kathryn & Jeremy – Auckland, Waiau Pa Wedding

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Kathryn & Jeremy

Kat and Jeremy planned one of the most perfect weddings at their family’s property out in Waiau Pa, Auckland. Friends and family gathered to witness the couple’s emotional wedding ceremony, all the while soaking in the beautiful surrounds as well.

We got some cool photos at the venue before heading off to one of the near-by reserves for more! Kat and Jeremy wanted some photos in the forest and I couldn’t be more excited. And what a hike it was! Despite making a couple of wrong turns as we got deeper into the area, we made it to our spot and made good use of our time there.

Later in the day, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. The reception venue was decked out with festoon and fairy lights, and they lit up wonderfully, creating such a magical ambience for the rest of the celebrations.

Thank you guys for having me, here’s a little preview of the day!

auckland bride mirror reflection
auckland bride getting ready
auckland bride smiling
bride and her daughter
daughter of the bride
bride black and white photo
auckland bride putting on veil
bride getting ready in the morning
auckland groom getting ready
groom and his son
groom talking to wedding guest
auckland wedding guests smiling
auckland wedding guest mingling
wedding guests chatting
wedding guest smiling
groom mingling with guests
auckland waiau pa wedding venue
groom crying seeing the bride
bride hugging her father
bride walking down the aisle
auckland waiau pa ceremony venue
bride smiling at the groom
auckland wedding guest crying at the ceremony
auckland groom smiling at the bride
auckland wedding venue
bride and groom married
bride hugging his father
auckland flower girl wedding
bride and groom family portrait
bride and groom couple shoot
bride and groom intimate photo
auckland wedding shoot
auckland bride and groom couple shoot
auckland bride and groom walking
auckland wedding photo sunny day
bride and groom walking through forest
auckland waterfall wedding shoot
auckland forest wedding shoot
auckland waterfall wedding shoot
auckland wedding food truck
auckland food truck
wedding guests chatting
wedding guests having fun
wedding fairy lights and neon sign
auckland sunset wedding shoot
auckland sunset wedding photo
auckland groom speech at wedding
bride reaction to groom speech
wedding guests laughing
auckland wedding reception venue fairy lights