Kelly & Shanon – Castaways Resort Wedding

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Kelly & Shanon

Kelly and Shanon had their wedding at Castaways Resort on a beautiful Saturday. Situated on the west coast of Auckland, guests were treated to a stunning view throughout the day and you could catch many of them snapping away on their cameras before the ceremony began!

During the photo session, we got to drive past the dunes straight onto the beach and it was amazing! The wedding party also had a great time chilling and having a little picnic down by the beach. The timing worked out perfectly and before we knew it, the Sun had begun to creep closer to the horizon.

There were a few rounds of speeches at the reception and a ton of laughter from all the friends and family present. While most of the guests were busy showing off their moves on the dance floor, we managed to sneak out for a few night photos just before the clouds started to roll in!

Here are some photos from Kelly and Shanon’s big day, and there are many more to come!

castaways resort wedding venue
groom preparing speech
groomsmen getting ready
groom laughing
groom and best man
groom mirror reflection
groom and the boys having fun
groom talking to groomsmen
groomsmen putting on buttonhole
groomsman getting ready
groom buttonhole flower
wedding best man
groom getting ready
bride putting on necklace
bride getting into her dress
mother tying up brides dress
bride putting on earrings
castways resort wedding getting ready
sister of the groom and bride
putting on mother's flowers
mother of the bride
bridesmaid putting on veil for bride
bride and her veil
groom taking photo at the arch
groom chatting with the celebrant
children at the wedding ceremony
mother of the bride at the ceremony
groomsmen having fun
emcee talking to the wedding celebrant
father of the groom laughing
wedding guests at castaways resort
wedding guests looking at the flowergirl
wedding guests having a good time
wedding flowergirl
groomsmen laughing together
groom looking at the flowergirl
bride walking down the aisle with father
groom looking at the bride
groom crying at the ceremony
bride looking at the groom
bridesmaids at the ceremony
castaways resort wedding ceremony venue
father of the groom at the ceremony
auckland wedding ceremony
bride giving her vows at the ceremony
auckland wedding celebrant
wedding guests at castaways resort
auckland wedding recessional
brother of the groom hugging bride
wedding guests hugging
parents of the bride and the groom
father of the bride talking to bridesmaid
groomsman kissing daughter
wedding guests hugging the bride
wedding guest hugging the groom
flower girl writing a note
wedding cake cutting at castaways
bride and groom walking on karioitahi beach
castaways wedding photo at the beach
auckland wedding beach photos
couple photos at castaways resort
auckland castaways couple photo
bride and groom walking on the dunes
castaways resort beach wedding photo
bride and groom walking in grass
couple strolling on the beach
castaways bridal party photo
wedding photo at castaways beach
castaways resort beach sunset
wedding photo by the beach at castaways resort
castaways resort sunset wedding photo
golden hour wedding photo
castaways wedding couple photo
auckland wedding golden hour
bride and groom overlooking the ocean
bride and groom having fun at castaways sunset shoot
bride and groom announced into reception
wedding guests cheering
father of the bride cheering
wedding guests clapping
father of the groom smiling
wedding emcee brother of the groom
wedding guests mingling at the reception
guests at the wedding reception
boy at the wedding
family of the groom talking
bride chatting with the girls
boys having fun at the wedding
wedding guests laughing
wedding guest posing for the camera
wedding guest enjoying the speeches
bridesmaid having a great time
fathers of the couple chatting
groom giving a toast
bestman giving a speech
groom reacting to bestman speech
maid of honour smiling
maid of honour speech
guest taking a selfie with bride and groom
wedding guest laughing at the reception
wedding guests mingling
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom on the dance floor
groom and mother dance
father and daughter dance
parents of the bride dancing
wedding guests on the dance floor
groom hugging a guest
guests having fun
bridal bouquet toss
bride tossing bouquet at castaways wedding
family selfie at the wedding
castaways resort star photo

Venue – Castaways Resort

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