Kimmy & Todd – Settlers Country Manor Wedding

Settlers Country Manor Wedding | Auckland Wedding Photographer

Kimmy & Todd

It was a beautiful morning, with some clouds in the sky and sunlight peeking through from time to time. Kimmy got ready at her parents’ place, and straight across the living room was a view of the stunning Auckland city skyline. So cool! We made sure to leave for the wedding venue ahead of time just in case the Auckland traffic picked up, and it’s a good thing we did too.

Kimmy and Todd chose to get married at Settlers Country Manor. As I got to the venue, Todd and the boys were all ready to go and guests were slowly streaming in to the ceremony site.

After the ceremony, Kim and Todd wanted to spend more time with their friends and family, so we did our wedding party photos on-site.

It was a great day filled with plenty of laughs and emotional moments.

Thank you guys for including me in your wedding celebration, here are just some photos from the day – more to come!

bride getting make up
bride lip stick
sister of bride looking on
bride and bridal party
bridesmaid pouring champagne
bride looking at her dress
bride getting into her dress
bridal dress reveal
auckland bride getting into dress
maid of honour and bride
bridal party looking at bride
bride in her dress looking at auckland city
settlers country manor ceremony venue
groomsmen smiling
wedding guests smiling
wedding guests at the ceremony
mother of the groom
groom looking
family of the groom laughing
bride arriving at the ceremony
groom waiting for the bride
bride walking down the aisle
father of the bride
bride walking down the aisle with father
settlers manor wedding ceremony
auckland bride smiling
groom looking at the bride
mother of the groom crying
settlers country manor wedding ceremony
bride speech
parents of the bride and groom crying
auckland settlers manor wedding recessional
wedding guests walking
auckland wedding guests walking
wedding guests walking to the reception venue
groom chatting
bride and guests
bride hugging guests
wedding guest congratulating the bride
relatives congratulating the bride
bride hugging mother of the groom
wedding guests having a good time
brother of the bride
wedding guests mingling
bridal party mingling
auckland bridal party shoot
bridal party at settlers country manor
bride chatting with the girls
bridal party shoot at settlers manor
bride and groom photos at settlers manor
couple photo shoot at settlers manor
bride and groom sharing a moment
couple shoot at settlers country manor
settlers country manor photo shoot
auckland couple photo shoot at settlers
bride and groom kissing
auckland settlers manor
settlers country manor wedding
auckland settlers country manor
bride and groom embracing each other
bridal party arrive at reception
mother of the bride smiling
bride laughing at speech
friend of the bride
wedding guests mingling at reception
bride and groom greeting guests
auckland couple first dance
settlers country manor first dance
wedding guests on the dance floor
brother of the bride
father daughter dance
auckland wedding bouquet toss
wedding bouquet toss
auckland wedding venue settlers country manor

Ceremony & reception venue – Settlers Country Manor