Loving the festive mood

Festive mood

Even though I’ve been in New Zealand for a while now, I will be celebrating my first Christmas in Auckland. It was utterly shocking for me when I visited the mall the past couple of weeks, when I could not even find an available parking lot!

Well I did eventually find a space to park, but the surprise was real. It never occurred to me how busy it could get when Xmas drew close. That being said, things changed for the better when I entered the mall and saw throngs of people in the building, some sashaying from shop to shop while others made a mad dash for xmas shopping. Then of course there were classical bands playing festive music, harps, violins, and other fancy instruments that I do not know the name of ( :p). Choirs singing were pretty good too.

Suffice it to say, this was the most festive I have felt every since moving over to New Zealand, and I love every second of it. Ooh not the parking situation though.

Happy holidays~