Lynn & Tim – Settlers Country Manor Wedding

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Lynn & Tim

Lynn and Tim planned an amazing wedding day at Settlers Country Manor. One of the benefits of this venue is its beautiful indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, so the couple had nothing to worry about even though we had a bit of rain during the ceremony. The girls also got ready at the stunning bridal suite at the venue, which is a huge bonus as it means less travelling!

All the guests were in for a treat as Lynn is also an incredible artist, and she had previously spent hours drawing each guest which also doubled up as a seating chart for the reception dinner!

What a great day it was and here are just some photos from the wedding.

bride getting ready
bride getting makeup done
bride makeup touch up
bride and her mother sharing a moment
bride portrait at settlers manor
bride getting ready
bride posing for the camera
bride looking at her dress
groom's party having fun
groom's party photo
auckland groom getting ready
groom morning prep
groom getting ready
groom solo portrait
settlers country manor indoor ceremony
settlers country manor indoor ceremony venue
groom waiting for the bride at the altar
bride walking down the aisle
settlers manor wedding ceremony
settlers country manor wedding ceremony
bride at the ceremony
mother of the bride at the ceremony
mother of the groom
bride reading her wedding vows
bride smiling at the groom
groom reading wedding vows
mother of the groom crying
couple officially married
auckland bride and groom recessional
bride and groom recessional black and white
bride and groom recessional
groom kissing the bride with fairy lights
wedding video live streaming
wedding guests photo
family photo on wedding day
wedding rings
bride and groom strolling
couple wedding photos at settlers country manor
bride and groom walking
bride and groom looking at the camera
auckland bridal party photo
bridal party fun photo
bridal party candid photo
bridal party having fun
wedding party having fun
wedding party and the bride and groom
couple photos around settlers manor
bride and groom walking on bridge
bride and groom on wooden bridge
groom lifting bride
bride and groom walking across bridge
bride and groom playing around
couple playing around
couple looking at the camera
couple photo
couple cute photo
bride and groom kiss
auckland wedding photo
groom holding onto bride's dress
auckland wedding photo
bride doing a twirl
couple photo shoot
couple having fun
couple piggy back
bride and groom walking and chatting
couple portraits
couple photo shoot at settlers manor
bride and groom settlers manor photo
wedding night photo shoot

Wedding ceremony and reception venue – Settlers Country Manor