Markus & Katharina – Lake Tekapo Wedding

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Markus & Katharina

Upon meeting Markus and Katharina for the first ten minutes, it was not hard to see how these two individuals got together in the first place. THEY ARE SO ALIKE! Granted that was just my first impression of the couple, but throughout the day this notion just gets strengthened more and more, they were made for each other. The dynamics between the two was just incredible. The couple chose to have their wedding take place in Lake Tekapo, in the South Island of New Zealand. We had the opportunity to hold the ceremony up on Cowans Hill, with a great view to Mt. John and the lake.

Markus and Katharina were fun, spontaneous, and game for pretty much anything. I had a great time photographing their wedding! Thank you guys!

lake tekapo wedding couple getting ready
lake tekapo wedding couple walking down a slope
lake tekapo wedding groom outfit
lake tekapo wedding bride bouquet
lake tekapo wedding bride walking down the aisle
lake tekapo wedding couple and the celebrant
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destination wedding celebrant and witness
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destination wedding bride and groom kissing
destination wedding bride and groom kissing
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lake tekapo wedding signing papers
lake tekapo wedding couple joking
lake tekapo wedding couple kissing in field
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