Michael & Nicole – Lake Tekapo Wedding

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Michael & Nicole

When I heard that Michael and Nicole would be bringing their little girl to the vow renewal, I just could not help but imagine all the wonderful memories and moments that would be created. Vow renewals are such meaningful occasions! The wonderful couple decided to have their vows renewed in the Church of the Good Shepherd, in Lake Tekapo New Zealand. Having gone through the ceremony, it was obvious just from the way they looked at each other, that Michael and Nicole’s feelings for each other hadn’t changed a bit since their marriage ten years ago, if not deeper.

The ceremony’s intimate ambiance was enhanced by the attendance of their close friends, who clearly shared their joy and excitement. We ended the day with a thrilling helicopter ride up to one of the snowy peaks surrounding Mt. Cook, and we had a great time up there (yes, the understatement of the day..)

The day ended with everyone feeling thrilled, tired and happy. Michael and Nicole, thank you so much for entrusting me with your memories! It was my genuine pleasure to be a part of it.

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