Nicole & Cam – Sorrento In The Park Wedding

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Nicole & Cam

Nicole and Cam were married at Sorrento In The Park, a beautiful venue located in Central Auckland. We started the day off with a bit of rain, and right as the wedding ceremony was going on, the Sun started to peek out from behind the clouds! It was perfect timing for us as we headed out to Cornwall Park for some wedding party photos.

One of the perks of a rainy day, and in our case with the rain having just stopped, is the lack of people at most of our locations! After spending some time shooting, we made our way back to the reception a little early as it started raining again. Nicole and Cam were welcomed into the wedding reception with lots of cheering from friends and family, and right after that we were treated to a number of great speeches.

Thank you guys for having us at your wedding, we can’t wait to share more photos with you!

groom getting ready in the morning
groom putting on flowers
best man getting ready
groom portrait by himself
groom and the boys having a chat
bride getting ready in the morning
bride and the girls talking
bride and bridesmaids having fun
bride looking at her wedding dress
bride putting on her dress
bridesmaids helping the bride with her dress
father of the bride
bridal party having fun
bride and the wedding car
bride arriving at Sorrento In The Park
wedding guests at the ceremony
wedding guests smiling
groom waiting for the bride
bride and father walking down the aisle
mother of the bride crying
wedding guests welcoming the bride
bride looking at the groom
family of the bride at the ceremony
groom looking at the bride
family of the groom
mother of the bride at the ceremony
mother of the groom crying
wedding recession at sorrento venue
wedding guests talking
wedding guest hugging the groom
moment between bride and family
wedding guest hugging the bride
guests congratulating the groom
friends talking to the groom
friends talking to the bride
guests congratulating the bride
guests having fun at the wedding
wedding party at cornwall park
couple photo at cornwall park
wedding photo cornwall park
bride and groom candid
cornwall park wedding photo
wedding shoot at cornwall park
one tree hill wedding photo
one tree hill couple photo
bride arriving at the wedding reception
family members cheering at the wedding
wedding guests smiling
maid of honor having fun
bride laughing
bride and groom together at the reception
children playing at the wedding
wedding guests smiling
wedding guest at sorrento auckland
bridesmaid talking to someone
wedding guest looking at the camera
wedding emcee
wedding guests chatting
wedding guests
guest cheering at the wedding
groom listening to speech
wedding guests having a chat
boy at the wedding

Venue – Sorrento In The Park

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