Blog Post

One thing that I have learned from the past couple of weeks, is that the way you react and respond to issues surrounding you do boil down to your perspective of said issues. Now for the juicy bits.

My partner had to leave the country for almost half a year to be with her family after her one year stint in New Zealand. We used to hang out everyday (save work hours), and this was a big blow to us. It was so odd having to do things alone now.. walking the same streets without her, eating at the same places without her, driving a car without someone by my side, you get the idea~

I’m not here to whine and moan though. Having myself to myself (you know what I mean) and having a ton of time to think, just makes me realise this isn’t all bad. Now I have the time to do so much more. Be it to improve on my fitness levels, put more time into practising on the guitar or just to blog more frequently. Well sure all that could have been done when she was here, but now I get to surprise her a little bit when she returns. Win-win.

To all who are facing issues in your life, if you feel trapped by them, why not try embracing them from a different perspective and force a better situation out of them. Let me know if you end up feeling better.

Hanging on for a better future,