Rose Halfpenny – Bastion Point Bridal Shoot

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Rose Halfpenny

A couple of days before the bridal shoot with Rose, I went ahead and hired a simple (yet elegant) dress for her. Having had the wardrobe on hand, I confidently went location scouting. I did look at a number of venues, but one that kind of stuck wasBastion Point. Granted my time of visit wasn’t ideal as there were throngs of tourists then, but I assumed it was going to be empty during the shoot. Glad I was right.

The word ‘morning’ and myself normally do not agree with each other, but knowing that I would be photographing a gorgeous model at a beautiful location kind of soothed the pain 🙂

That was the first time I met Rose, an experienced yet unassuming model. We had a few warm-up snaps and then went to work.

It was so much fun, and Rose could not be easier to work with. Definitely looking forward to future collaborations 🙂

Till the next shoot.