Sam & Chancy – St Margarets Cafe Wedding

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Sam & Chancy

Sam and Chancy had an intimate wedding at the beautiful gardens of St Margarets Cafe in Karaka, Auckland. It was such a blessed afternoon that even the rain stopped just before the ceremony was about to begin! Right after the ceremony, they had a chance to chat with family who were not able to attend the physical ceremony via FaceTime. With the awesome grounds available to us, we proceeded on to do some bridal party photos at the stunning venue before heading off into the city for some more.

Chancy in particular was keen on getting some photos in an urban setting, so we made our way into the heart of Auckland city to continue with our photo shoot. We had an incredible time with the bridal party. It was also such a cool feeling to see their faces light up when they first stepped into the iconic location. After the shoot, it was time for a nice dinner to end the day on a high note.

Here’s a little preview of their gorgeous wedding!

groomsmen talking
auckland wedding guests chatting
groomsmen setting up wedding ceremony
father of the groom
auckland groom getting ready
groomsman chatting
groomsman talking to father of groom
boys mingling at wedding
groom walking in st margarets cafe
auckland bridal party arrive at wedding venue
auckland wedding ceremony march in
bridal party march in
bridesmaids walking
sister of the bride
groom waiting for bride
flower girl wedding
auckland bride arriving at wedding venue
groom looking at the bride
groom reaction to bride walking down the aisle
bride looking at the groom
parents of the bride
parents of the groom
auckland wedding groomsmen at the ceremony
auckland wedding guests watching ceremony
st margarets cafe wedding venue
auckland wedding ceremony venue
wedding ceremony at st margarets cafe
bride smiling at the groom
father of the bride smiling
auckland wedding bridesmaids looking
groom smiling at the bride
bride and groom ring exchange
bride putting on wedding ring
auckland wedding registry signing
auckland wedding recessional
bride and bridesmaids hugging
groom hugging father in law
wedding face time
bride doing face time during wedding
bride and guest mingling
groom and mother laughing
groom hugging wedding guest
wedding guests chatting
groom showing off ring
father of the groom laughing
auckland wedding party talking
wedding guests chatting
groom and groomsmen laughing
wedding couple photo st margarets cafe
st margarets cafe couple photo
bridal party having a laugh
st margaret cafe wedding photo
bride and groom photo st margaret cafe
auckland bridal party photo
bridal party chatting
auckland wedding black and white photo
bridal party having fun
bridal party having fun auckland city
auckland bridal portrait
auckland city wedding photo
bride and groom romantic moment
auckland wedding couple shoot
auckland urban wedding shoot
bride and groom photo

Wedding ceremony venue – St Margarets Cafe