Samantha & Cole – Bethells Beach Cottages Wedding

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Samantha & Cole

The day before Sam and Cole’s wedding, I made my way down to the beautiful Bethells Beach Cottages to look around the venue and caught up with them as they were busy setting things up. By the way, the view from the venue was just unreal!

On the actual wedding day, we were blessed with gorgeous weather as the ceremony was held over-looking Bethells Beach, which in my opinion is one of Auckland’s most stunning beaches. After getting some time to mingle and catch up with friends and family, we made our way down to the beach for photos. The wedding party was awesome as they braved the super strong winds before we wrapped things up and took a drive back for the wedding reception.

Towards the end of the day, we managed to sneak in a few more photos as the Sun slowly set below the horizon. It was such an incredible day and thank you guys so much for trusting us to document your big day!

auckland wedding groom getting ready
auckland wedding getting ready
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groom putting on suit
auckland wedding bride make up
wedding dog
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auckland wedding bride and girls make up
bride and the girls selfie
bridesmaid getting ready
bride getting ready
bride getting hair done
bride and her sister
bride putting on veil
groom during wedding ceremony
bride walking down the aisle
bethells beach cottages wedding ceremony
groom looking at the bride
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