Sherees & Mathew – Castaways Wedding

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Sherees & Mathew

Sherees and Mathew are two of the most cheerful people I know, and they were married at Castaways Resort with a stunning view of Auckland’s west coast. For a wedding photographer in Auckland, this has to be one of the dream venues to photograph at!

Earlier in the day Sherees and Mathew opted to do a ‘first reveal’ before the ceremony, and to make it a tad more exciting, we had Mathew blind-folded. The couple shared a moment before we set off for some bridal party photos on the beach. After the ceremony we headed off to get some sunset photos – we had a pretty short window of time before it got dark, with a total team effort from the wedding party we got all the shots we wanted!

At the wedding reception there were a number of very emotional moments, it could easily be seen how much family and friends cared for Sherees and Mathew. Towards the end of the day the dance floor was never empty, and Sherees even performed the Siva Samoa and the energy in the room went through the roof!

Thanks for trusting us with documenting your special day, here are some photos from the wedding, more to come!

castaways resort waiuku wedding venue
setting up castaways wedding venue
wedding set up in the morning
castaways resort waiuku wedding accommodation
bride putting on make up
family of the bride
bride putting on lipstick
auckland bride make up
bride and the make up artist
bridesmaids looking at the bride
bridal party talking at castaways resort
bride looking at her dress
bridal party getting dressed at castaways
castaways bride getting ready
groom getting blindfolded
groom waiting for the bride
couple first look at castaways wedding
castaways wedding couple first look
bride removing blindfold from groom during first look
bride and groom walking on auckland beach
bridal party photo at auckland beach
couple photo at castaways beach
auckland beach wedding photo
groom at the ceremony
groomsman talking to the groom
wedding guests arrival
wedding guests smiling
child at the wedding
groom reaction at the wedding
bride walking down the aisle
bride arrive at castaways wedding venue
groom and father of the bride
castaways wedding ceremony
bride looking at the groom
bridesmaids at the wedding
bride putting on the ring
bride and groom first kiss castaways wedding
castaways wedding recessional
castaways bride and groom excited
groom and mother of the bride smiling
mother and the bride hugging
wedding guest talking to the groom
wedding guest hugging the bride
wedding guest congratulating the bride
wedding guest and the groom
wedding guest smiling at the bride
baby girl at the wedding
wedding guest chatting with the bride
wedding congratulations
guests at the wedding
guests smiling at the wedding
guest congratulating the groom
flower petals at castaways wedding
castaways sunset wedding shoot
couple candid photo
castaways sunset wedding photo
bride and groom sunset photo
castaways resort wedding photo
castaways resort sunset wedding
sunset couple shoot at castaways resort waiuku
castaways resort wedding
wedding guests at the reception
wedding reception guests
bride and groom wedding reception
guests mingling at wedding reception
guests laughing at wedding reception
wedding guests chatting
child at the wedding reception
wedding guests listening to speeches
groom speech at castaways wedding
haka at the wedding
wedding guests performing
wedding guest hugging the bride
wedding guests cheering
bride reacting to wedding speech
guests candid moments
baby at the wedding
bride and guests on the dance floor
couple first dance
bride and groom first dance
parents dance
wedding guests dancing
father daughter dance at the wedding
wedding mother groom dance
bride performing siva samoa
mother and child dancing
bride and bridesmaid having fun on the dance floor
children having fun at the dance floor

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Venue – Castaways Resort

Celebrant – Nichola Taylor