Tania & Vincent – Gracehill Wedding

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Tania & Vincent

When Tania and Vincent told me about the timeline of their wedding day, I realized that there wouldn’t be much time available between sunset and the end of their ceremony. One other thing to note, the couple wanted to have their wedding photos done in a forest – I was more than happy to oblige as that meant more opportunities to work with cool lighting!

After spending some time scouting for potential photo locations, I suggested getting the photos done at a forest not too far from their wedding venue – the stunning Gracehill Vineyard Estate.

Tania and Vincent were awesome despite us working in a pitch dark environment. At one point we almost gave someone a scare, as a man was walking his dog close to our location and sounded shocked to see wedding photos being done in the dark. We wrapped up the shoot and returned to Gracehill for the reception. Back to where it’s nice and warm… and bright.

gracehill vineyard estate wedding venue
gracehill wedding groom mingling
wedding guests arrive
groom and celebrant talking
guest waiting at the ceremony
celebrant at gracehill wedding venue
guest and child at gracehill venue
baby at wedding ceremony
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girl looking back
girl opening door at gracehill
girl opens door at gracehill
bridesmaid at gracehill venue
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gracehill wedding bride and mother
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groom during wedding ceremony
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bride and groom pronounced husband and wife gracehill auckland wedding
bride and groom finish signing papers
couple signing papers ceremony
guest congratulating the groom
groom hugging mother of bride
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