Yan Yan & Matt – Castaways Resort Wedding

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Yan Yan & Matt

Yan Yan and Matt chose to have their wedding at Castaways Resort, and they picked the perfect day too. Their big day started with them reading a letter from each other in their separate units. Following this, the mood went from an emotional one to a more exciting one, with Matt and the boys being put through a series of challenges (bridal games) designed by the bridal party. Through team work, the boys successfully crossed all the hurdles presented to them and Matt got to see Yan Yan for the first time in her beautiful traditional outfit!

After the tea ceremony and a change of outfits, we had some time to do a ‘first look’ before some of the guests arrived. Then it was time for the ceremony to begin.

Later in the day, we were treated to a stunning sunset and we definitely made full use of it. Totally worth sneaking off from the reception for! The wonderful day was capped off with a sparkler exit for the bride and groom.

auckland bride getting ready
auckland bride doing make up
bridesmaid steaming bridal dress
bridesmaids helping with bridal dress
wedding guest smiling
bride reading letter from groom
bride tearing up from reading letter
auckland groom getting ready
groom putting on tie
groomsmen putting on cufflinks
auckland groom solo portrait
groom and the boys getting ready
groom and groomsmen
groomsman looking on
bride in chinese traditional dress
bride waiting for the groom
auckland couples first look
groom carrying the bride
wedding guests looking on
bridal party looking on
parents of the groom
bride serving tea to elders
traditional chinese tea ceremony
parents of the bride
putting on gold bracelet for bride
gold bangle for bride
chinese tea ceremony mother of bride
bride and bridesmaids with dress
bridal party walking
couples first look
groom waiting for the bride
bride walking up to the groom
auckland couples first look
groom seeing the bride for first time
bride seeing groom first time
castaways couple first look
bride looking at the groom
castaways wedding shoot
castaways resort wedding ceremony venue
castaways resort wedding ceremony
auckland wedding celebrant
wedding guests looking
auckland wedding guests attending ceremony
groom waiting for the bride
little boy running
bride and father of bride
bride arrive at wedding ceremony
bride walking down the aisle
groom looking at the bride
bride and groom at altar
groom smiling at the bride
bride crying while listening to vows
couples recessional
castaways beach wedding shoot
castaways beach bridal shoot
auckland beach wedding shoot
castaways beach couples shoot
castaways beach dunes photo
new zealand open road wedding photo
auckland wedding sign
bride speech during reception
grooms speech at the wedding
castaways wedding sunset shoot
auckland sunset wedding shoot
sunset photo at castaways resort
couple sunset shoot
castaways sunset couple
auckland wedding reception
parents of the groom speech
father of the bride speech
groomsman speech
wedding guests clapping
best man speech
maid of honour speech
wedding guests on dance floor
wedding dance floor
bride on the dance floor
groom on the dance floor
wedding guest dance move
wedding guest lighting sparklers
auckland wedding sparkler exit

Ceremony & reception venue – Castaways Resort