Zandrie & Dean – Cassels Wedding

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Zandrie & Dean

Zandrie and Dean chose to have their wedding at the stunning Cassels to the west of Auckland. A great wedding venue not only for its beautiful decor and awesome owner and staff, but also for its choice of off-site photo locations.

After getting some shots of the boys having a good time at their home, I then made my way to the Waitakere Estate where Zandrie and the girls would be putting on their dresses. It’s not my first time here but I’m always amazed by the view from up there. Zandrie’s mom popped by to give her a little gift before leaving for the ceremony. We left the estate and I realized the car that was used for the wedding had a really cute sign by the boot which said ‘Just Married’ – after that I was told her dad spent three years building the car!

Zandrie and Dean were particularly keen on getting some night shots done at the venue, which we did and knowing how much the wedding car meant to them, we also made sure to get some cool photos with it. We headed back into the reception venue for some further partying and boy did they know how to party! The dance floor was never empty (which was great for photos) and everyone was just having a great time out there.

Alright enough of talking, here are the photos!

auckland wedding bride hair spray
auckland wedding bride doing make up
auckland wedding bride getting ready
auckland wedding bride make up
bride mirror reflection
groom getting ready
auckland wedding groom getting ready
auckland wedding groom badge
groom and the boys having a laugh
groom and the boys talking
master of ceremony auckland wedding
auckland wedding groom laughing
wedding photo of the boys
bridal party popping champagne
bridesmaids drinking wine
waitakere estate bride drinking wine
bridesmaids saying cheers
bridesmaids talking at waitakere estate
wedding getting ready bridesmaids
maid of honor smiling
bride writing her vows
wedding ornament
bride and the girls reading vows
bridesmaid looking at the bride
mother of the bride
bride and mother hug
mother of the bride cry
maid of honor cry
bride and her mother getting ready
bridesmaid and wedding dress
wedding dress
bride and her wedding dress
bridesmaid helping with bride shoes
bridesmaids getting ready
father of the bride
father hugging the bride
bride in car leaving waitakare estate
father sending bride off
cassels wedding ceremony venue
bride arrive at cassels venue
cassels bride walking down the aisle
wedding ceremony groom reaction
groom looking at bride
groom looking at bride hugging father
groom's reaction to bride and father
mother of the bride cry cassels wedding venue
wedding celebrant at cassels wedding venue
groom smiling ceremony
bride smiling during wedding ceremony
bridesmaid at cassels wedding venue
celebrant at cassels auckland wedding venue
bride saying her vows
guest crying at cassels venue
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bride laughing at wedding ceremony
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relative singing wedding ceremony
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bride signing papers wedding ceremony
couple signing papers wedding
groom smiling at bride cassels wedding venue
bride and groom kiss cassels wedding
bride and groom leaving ceremony venue
bride and groom recessional after ceremony
cassels wedding venue guest blowing bubbles
bride and groom at cassels wedding venue
guest hugging bridesmaid
wedding guest hugging groomsman
wedding guest happy
mother of the bride smiling
maid of honor smiling
bridesmaids walking along cassels venue
bride and groom walking on bethells beach
couple portrait at bethells beach
wedding ring on bride
bride and the girls drinking and laughing
bridal party toasting on bethells beach
bridal party walking bethells beach
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bride laughing at jokes bethells beach
the boys having fun on bethells beach
bride and bridesmaids on bethells beach
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bridal party arriving at cassels reception
couple walking in cassels reception
bride embracing a guest at cassels
wedding ring shot
cassels wedding guest having fun
father of the groom speech auckland wedding
father of the groom speech
guest speech at cassels
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couple cutting cake at wedding reception
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guests on the dance floor
father of the bride dance
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